We help you grow the best leafy greens, herbs and other specials.

We are GardeniX s.r.o. and we are here for all responsible farmers and growers. Our products allow you to grow quality food at competitive prices with sustainability in mind. In our offer you will find everything you need for growing in recirculating hydroponics. 

We offer NFT hydroponic systems of our production and everything important for growing in hydroponics. All our products come from the Czech Republic. What we are not able to produce ourselves, we get from companies of our friends from the European Union.

With us you can choose from products suitable for growing both in a controlled environment of a greenhouse (polytunnel) and indoor vertical farm or for growing outdoors in an open area.

If you need any advice or help with your business plan, please contact us at info@gardenix.cz or +420 733 543 633.